Let’s make the only one unique Herbarium ballpoint pen in all the world (set of 2)(ex-001)



Flowers makes you feel happy and relaxed♪

We provide a workshop to make a “Harbarium ballpoint pen” that combines the beautiful flowers and your creative ideas.

Why don’t you make a ballpoint pen that is unique and original?



Herbarium means a plant specimen, and preserved flowers are put in a bottle and soaked in oil.
By doing this, you can maintain the original freshness of the flowers for a long period of time, and eliminate the need for troublesome care.
In addition, it is one of the charms that you can enjoy a three-dimensional appearance because the flowers are floating in oil.

How to make Harbarium ballpoint pen;
① First, select the color of the pen and the materials to be put into the ballpoint pen.
②Once you have these items, alternately put the material and oil together little by little.
③ Cover and adhere to the pen base.
In the workshop, you will make two Herbarium ballpoint pens.
One for yourself, and how about giving the second one for your special someone? (We will prepare gift cases!)

Each flower has its personality and meaning.
As workshop flower materials,
“Hydrangea (flower language: family ties)”, “Pepperberry (flower language: heart to believe)”, “Haze grass (flower language: pure heart, kindness, appreciation)”, “Rice flower (flower language: rich Prepare).

Leave your heart to the flowers,
Let’s enjoy lovely flowers while making practical pens ♪

Oil is the most important factor to take advantage of the beauty and freshness of flowers.
At this workshop, we will use high-purity, high-quality mineral oil made exclusively for Herbarium.

About strike liras

About strike liras

Hello, everyone! My name is Hitomi Mukae.
I am the representative of “Lilas Decor”.

In 2017, I graduated with a diploma in Flower Education Japan (FEJ) and opened my own licensed school.
I teach and provide lessons in creative flower activities. The main goal is to enjoy the beauty of flowers.
In 2019, I became the instructor of ” Flower Education ~ Lila Deco ~ Sasebo ” which is an organization that teaches about flowers in the area.
I am also working on local activities under the new theme of flower education.
I am looking forward to meeting you and we’ll have a great time.

Date of the Event

  • March 26, 2020 13:00 start

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between age of 12 and 17¥2,500
between age of 6 and 11¥2,500

Inclusions in the price

Host Experiencing Insurance

Deadline for the Reservation

12 AM 1(Date) before the Event Date

You can cancel freely before the event confirmation, but after the event is confirmed, there will be 100% cancellation charge as a booking fee.

Minimum Numbers of Participants


Regulations may be changed depending on the event date. The event may be cancelled if nor reaching the minimum number of participants.


About 2hours

The time may be slighjtly changed depending on situations

Event Policy (Weather)

Going even if it rains

Please contact if bad weather conditions


Please attend after reading conditions



The meeting place

5-1 Matsuuracho, Sasebo City Sasebo City Industrial Support Center 2F Room 2