West Kyushu Sasebo Area Development Company

West Kyushu Sasebo Area Development Company

Every different area has every different living.
I have determined to start this business because I want to introduce the area’s history, industry, and culture via local specialties and compact trips.
Please feel and touch our heart (attractiveness) of the West Kyushu area, a westernmost area in Japan.

  Hiroaki Morinaga

Contact Address
〒857-0052 5-1-202 Matsuura-cho, Sasebo, Nagasaki


About the Company

On April 1st 2019, 11 autonomies of its surrounding area such as Hirado, Matsuura, Saikai, Higashi Sonogi, Kawatana, Hasami, Ojika, Shin Kami Goto, Imari, Arita, and including Sasebo as its center, became a group of “West Kyushu Sasebo Metropolitan Area.”

Its future vision is “You KAERU West Kyushu.”
“※KAERU means in Japanese, 1. Change, 2 Return, 3 Able to buy. ”
I founded this company for the purpose of spreading area’s information, as well as creating and selling tourism products and local specialties.
There are lots of unknown products and services like agricultural products and handicrafts in this area. By developing the new sales channels for those products and services, we can bring the newer trade and can return the profit and experience to our partners. This is our main mission.


Overview of West Kyushu Metropolitan Area

The area is located in North West of Kyushu and people have lived in this area from long ago. The number of the cave site is largest in Japan, and bean-size pottery in the oldest in the world were excavated. Also, there are lots of human transactions between Asian continent and this area and we have found many historical evidences with the continental cultures.
In old era from 16 century to middle of 19 century, Matsura Party ruled this area and kept 63,000 Koku in this area. In the Goto area, Goto Party with legendary Heike rulded the area and developed with whaling culture. Also, hidden Christianity history and culture are famous in this area.
And in these days, this area was designated as a part of the world heritage as Hidden Christian Sites of Nagasaki and Amakusa region. Not only with this, Hizen pottery area as a part of Japan Heritage and Kujukushima as a member of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World.
For the industrial point of view, fishery industry is famous as the large catch, and other industries such as shipbuilding, commerce, and agriculture represented by tea, orange and beef are well known in Japan.
Few earthquakes have come to this area and natural conditions with good land and weather have sustained our safe lives.

(Quoted by Vision of West Kyushu Metropolitan Area issued in March 2019)

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