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Privacy Policy

West Kyushu Sasebo Development Company (hereinafter referred to as WKSD) acknowledges the importance of customer’s Private Information Protection and strictly follows its Act (hereinafter referred to as the Private Information Protection Act). WKSD also handles the customer’s private information properly by following the Privacy Policy as below.

Supervisor for the Private Information in this Site

WKSD sets the supervisor on the private information control for the entire service in this site as follows.
Supervisor: Hiroaki Morinaga, a Representative of WKSD

Purpose of Collecting and Use of Private Information

WKSD never collects and uses the private information by exceeding the stated purpose. If there is any opportunity that WKSD needs to use the information out of the original purpose as stated below, WKSD notifies the customer in advance and gets the agreement.

  • To use the service in this site and to contact for related services
  • To distribute the newsletter (only requested by customer)
  • To send greeting card and catalog
  • To create the statistic related to the service in this site
  • To provide WKSD’s service information as WKSD thinks the information is beneficial for customer
  • To provide information about products and services of partner operators and to operate marketing conducted by WKSD
  • To handle questions from customer and to confirm each individual
  • To inform the important items affect the site management (for example, huge change of the service information or temporary suspension, but not limited to those)
  • To contact in order to get the agreement of handling private information


WKSD may outsource its contracted business operator with setting protective measures. In this case, WKSD selects the operator only meets its requirements on WKSD’s Privacy Policy and manages and controls by contracting the Private Information Protection (for example, to outsource delivery company for products and etc).

Third Party

WKSD never provides the private information to third party with exceptions of following cases

  • In case of the agreement of the customer
  • In case of collecting and analyzing the private information for the purpose of improving the service, developing products and marketing by partner operator
  • In case of providing the date collected by the above purpose to other third party with modifying the data so that nobody outside finds the private information
  • In case of sending advertisements and services of WKSD and its partner operators
  • In case of legal requirements
  • In case of protecting life, body, property, or WKSD’s service of WKSD, customer, and third party
  • In case of improving public health and promoting healthy educations for children
  • In case of cooperating with state or local enforcement or their designate groups. Or in case of being requested by those enforcements

Disclosure, Revision, Deletion

WKSD handles requests of disclosure, revision, deletion and suspension of the use with related to the private information of the customer, only when WKSD confirms the customer’s identification and the request is made by the identified customer. However, once WKSD needs advanced agreement of accepting potential risks of providing related services once it suspends or delete the private information (there may be a chance of accepting the request if mentioned in the legal process).


If customer disagrees the privacy policy stated above, WKSD is not able to provide the service. If there is a disagreement, please contact to the following channels.


Followings are for channels of WKSD’s private information
TEL: +81-956-59-8291 (Mon. thu Fri. 10:00-17:00))
FAX: +81-956-59-8291 (24/7)