Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions, Domestic Package Tour (applicable only in this area)

Travel Contract

This contract is the legal document of Terms and Conditions defined in Travel Agent Law Article 12 Section 4 and a part of the same law Article 12 Section 5.

1.Contract of the Package Tour

This travel is planned and operated by “West Kyushu Sasebo Area Development Company” (hereinafter referred to as WKSD) with the official travel agent license in Nagasaki. Any person who wants to buy the package tour will contract with WKSD for the package tour contract (hereinafter referred to as Travel Contract).

Details and conditions of the Travel Contract are mentioned in each course, Terms and Conditions, final itinerary document before the departure, and WKSD’s package tour application form.

2.Application and Cancellation

Followings are applications by telephone, Fax, and Email.。

In the case of “Tour receiving the same day price”

In the case of tours with the payment upon the tour, the contract is officially made after WKSD accepts the application fee, not the time with the notification of the booking request.

In the case of “tour requiring an application fee in advance”

The application fee varies depending on the total package tour price. If the price is less than 10,000 yen, the application fee is the total amount, if between 10,000 yen and 29,999 yen, the fee is 5,000 yen. It should be paid by 7 days before the departure of the tour. The fee is covered into the total package price, but if the first payment for the fee is not enough for the total price, it is necessary to pay the rest of the amount until the day of the tour.

3.Cancellation and Charge/h3>

Customer has a right to cancel the tour by paying the cancellation charge such as following cases

In the case of “Tour receiving the same day price”

In the case of tours with the payment upon the tour, the cancellation charge is free until a day before the tour. If the cancellation occurs on the day of the tour, the charge is 1,000 yen, and if there is no request for the cancellation, there will be 100% of the tour amount and will be charged in another day.

In the case of “tour requiring an application fee in advance”

In the case of tours with the payment of the application fee, the charge is 20% from the tour price if the cancellation is made 8 days before the day of the tour, 30% for the cancellation 2 days before the tour, 40% for the 1 day before, 50% for the day of the tour, and 100% for no information of the cancellation. If the application fee is not enough for the total amount, the customer is charged in another day. If WKSD has responsibilities of changing itinerary and contents without consent, increasing the tour price after the official contract and not providing confirmation document, the customer has a night to cancel without the cancellation charge.

4.Conditions and Qualifications

  • If less than the age of 18, one of parents must be present.
  • Customers with illness such as chronic disease, pregnant, disability, and using guide dog must inform in advance. WKSD tries to handle, but it may request other accompanying person, or may refuse the participation of the tour.
  • Customers may need to pay attentions to believers and worshipers during the tour including any religious facility. The tour leader may assist for the general understanding, but not the specialist on the special manner.
  • It is prohibited to recommend political activities and solicit any religion during the tour.
  • During the tour, WKSD only sells products.
  • No antisocial forces such as local gang members are not allowed to join in the tour.
  • WKSD has a right to refuse the customer if the customer threatens violently, asks illegal request, hurts the reliability, or expands the fakes to public. Also, it has a right to refuse if the customer is annoying to other participants and if the customer can be a risk of the smooth operation of the tour.
  • Customer needs to pay attentions to terms and conditions for the tour and tour itinerary. Also, customer needs to pay attentions to own safety like checking weather forecast and best body condition for the day of the tour.
  • If the minimum number mentioned in the tour brochure is not reached, the tour will be cancelled.

5.Exchange of Traveler

Exchanging the traveler may be allowed if advanced document is submitted before the tour start, however, it is not allowed after the tour. And if the traveler wants to be out from the tour, the tour contract will be completed at the time of splitting up.

6.Confirmation Document

Confirmed travel itinerary is sent before the tour start (by Email).

7.Tour Price

Tour price includes fares of transportation such as vessels, trains, and buses mentioned in the tour itinerary, as well as fares of sightseeing and tour leader. Once the tour price is increased, WKSD changes the price of the web site and informs applicable customers within 15 days. Or once the price is decreased, it refunds on the day of the tour.
Meals, admissions, attractions are not included into the tour price except mentioning in the tour itinerary.
The application fees are refunded after deducting the bank fee, once the cancellation is made.

8.Responsibility, Compensation (WKSD)

If WKSD or its consignor give damages to customer intentionally and with negligence, it pays the compensation. Such case must be reported within 2 years after the next day of the damage.
In the case of hand baggage, the report must be made within 14 days and the compensation amount is maximum 150,000 yen.

However, WKSD is not in charge of the compensation if the cancellation occurs with bad weather, fire, accident, riot, and government orders. Also it applies to cases of service change due to the delay of public transportation, any disadvantage of reducing the tour time, damages of food poisoning, theft and lost items, and accident during the free time during the tour.

9.Responsibility (customer)

In the case of not qualifying the participants like the minimum age or health conditions, or not informing well enough about the illness and disability, WKSD is not responsible for the accident and damage due to the reasons above.
In addition, it may request compensation if there is a damage to other participants and WKSD.

10.Special Compensation and Guarantee of Itinerary

WKSD compensates to customer without its responsibility about any physical damage or life. However, the accident is limited into its tour itinerary and the duration out of its service is not included in this compensation. This is also mentioned in the tour itinerary. With regard to the amount of the compensation, it is mentioned in the web site (Terms and Conditions).
For the guarantee of itinerary, WKSD pays its compensation within 30 days after the day of the tour, only when tour leader cannot join due to sickness or it cancels the tour because it cannot arrange other tour leader or another eligible person. The amount is maximally the tour price including application fees.

11.Contact When the Tour is Cancelled

In the case of cancellation due to not reaching the minimum participants for the tour, WKSD informs to applicants at least until the tour confirmation date.

Tour Planning and Operation

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