Hizen Emukae Mayudama Festival 2020

Sightseeing in Sasebo

Due to the new coronavirus ,”Hizen Emukae Mayudama Festival 2020″ has been canceled.

Below is a blog I wrote on March 2, 2020.


“Hizen Emukae Mayudama Festival 2020” will be held from March 15 (Sunday) to April 5 (Sunday).

Emukae-cho, Sasebo is located on the border with Hirado, and is a town with a romantic history.
During the festival, the whole town is colored with colorful Mayudamas.
You can enjoy the scene full of emotion.
“Mayudama” means a cocoon ball.
The “Mayudama” is made by inserting a cloth into a styrofoam ball.

Weeping willows lined with many Mayudamas will line up around the shopping street.