The only one unique Herbarium ballpoint pen in all the world (set of 2)

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''Harbarium'' is becoming popular because people can enjoy flowers and plants in a form never experienced before.

Why don’t you feel relaxed by using a flower ballpoint pen shaking in your hand?

Description of special products

You can get two very stylish Harbarium ballpoint pens.
◆ Harbarium means “plant specimen” and is a popular interior design made by immersing preserved flowers in oil.
◆ Florist Lilas makes each pen with all her heart.
◆ Since it is a ballpoint pen, you can enjoy Harbarium practically every day.
◆ The ballpoint pen is a type where you can take out the core and replace it. It is smooth and very easy to write. The ink is only black. We will provide one extra ink for replacement.
◆ You can choose among 6 colors. Select two of your color choices down in the comments section. (See 3rd image)
(Wine, pink, gold, white, turquoise blue, dark blue)
◆ Oil is the most important factor to take advantage of the beauty and freshness of flowers. We use high-quality mineral oil that has been refined to high purity and made exclusively for Herbarium.
◆ Each pen will be delivered with free wrapping. (See 4th image)

Each flower has its own personality and meaning.
The flower materials including “Hydrangea (flower language: family unity)”, “Pepperberry (flower language: heart to believe)”, “Haze grass” (flower language: pure heart, kindness, appreciation), “rice flower” (Flower language: rich fruit).

About “Lilas Decor”

About “Lilas Decor”
Hello, everyone! My name is Hitomi Mukae.
I am the representative of "Lilas Decor".
In 2017, I graduated with a diploma in Flower Education Japan (FEJ) and opened my own licensed school.
I teach and provide lessons in creative flower activities. The main goal is to enjoy the beauty of flowers.
In 2019, I became the instructor of '' Flower Education ~ Lila Deco ~ sasebo '' which is an organization that teaches about flowers in the area.
I am also working on local activities under the new theme of flower education.


  • The oil is safe even if you accidentally put it in your mouth, but please do not open the lid, drink the oil or put it on your body.
  • Avoid direct sunlight as it may cause fading.

Notes and requests for dried flowers and preserved flowers

  • Because it is processed fresh flowers, each one is unique in shape and color.
  • There is fluidity because the flowers are floating in oil. The arrangement will not be exactly the same, so please understand.
  • For structural and safety reasons, please note that there are a few bubbles.

The only one unique Herbarium ballpoint pen in all the world (set of 2)

Price: ¥5,000 (intax) FREE SHIPPING
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Gifts For Furusato Nozei

Good deal with Furusato Nozei

Content: 2 ballpoint pens (length 140 mm, shaft diameter approx. 10 mm, weight approx. 17-19 g), ink color black (thickness 1.0 mm), 2 extra wicks
How to Deliver: Room temperature delivery
Packing: Japan Post Letter Pack Plus
Remarks: Because it is a handmade product, there are individual differences such as quantity, color, bubbles, etc. one by one.